52 Patterns in 2015: Week 12

Cabrillo Week 12
I’m pretty behind this week. I usually try to have my pattern out by Wednesday, but I was just super busy. With all of the things that have been suddenly thrust into my schedule, I know this project is going to move down on the priority list. Still, I love making patterns, and I’m not going to give this project up. It may be a little more sporadic, but I want to keep it going. It’s fun and has pushed me to explore my creativity.

These motifs came from a trip I took the Cabrillo National Monument last week (more on that trip in another post). I spent hours taking photos of plants around the park and have spent my few spare minutes this week drawing up sketches. I also used one of my photos to make the color palette. Since I’m on the road, I’ve been using the Adobe Shape app on my phone to vectorize my sketches. I find it gives them a bit of a different look, more angular than vectoring in AI, but I’m happy with the result.
Cabrillo Week 12
I definitely want to tweak this guy a little more, but I think it’s off to good start, and I hope you like it.

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