52 Patterns in 2015: Week 7

52 Patterns in 2015: Week 7
I want to talk a little bit today about making mistakes. This pattern? It was a total mistake, or rather, a happy accident. I think a lot of times in design, the end product is really just the result of a happy accident or two. You start off in one direction, make a mistake and suddenly you’re off on a new path. It can take you out of your comfort zone a little, or help you discover a new corner of it.

This is the same “tree” that I used in last week’s pattern. I was just playing around with it a few days ago trying to explore some new color options when I accidentally discovered that I could separate out the individual line work from the background of the tree and then fill in the remaining outline using the stroke function instead of the fill. It made the lines so much more delicate, and really plays up the art deco feel of the lines. It’s definitely not something I would have come up with without making a few mistakes, and it still feels totally me.
52 Patterns in 2015 Week 7
How have accidents changed your take on design?

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