The Roundup

It’s the middle of February, isn’t it? That went by quick. Of course it will when we’ve been spending the last 2+ weeks fighting a cold, visiting the ER, staying up all night to soothe angry congested babies and finally, getting the damn thing myself. So instead of all the moving and shaking I was hoping to accomplish on the extended weekend, I’ll be hiding under my electric blanket and drinking all the tea with honey (and probably a Girl Scout cookie). I don’t even want to touch on Valentine’s Day because I think it’s a super bizarre holiday anyway. But if you’re into that, I hope your weekend is full of chocolate and love…and if you’re not then, just chocolate, always chocolate.

Check out what the latest round of Pattern Campers made.

Josephine Baker, definitely my new fashion muse.

I’m really loving the guest blogger series on Unfancy, especially this post about tailoring.

Whimsical accessories at Fendi.

DB has a podcast! He picks a theme every week and chooses an hour’s worth of music around it. It’s awesome. Go listen.

I’m in love with these Stine Leth pieces for Ferm Living.

Have a lovely (and warm!) and chocolatey weekend!

xo, S.

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