52 Patterns in 2015: Week 6

Snowflake Trees

The second round of Pattern Camp was this past weekend, did you participate? Did you have an awesome time?! I didn’t participate in the classroom, but I followed along in our Facebook group, and I have to tell you, it was super inspiring to see a new group of pattern designers dive in. It was also a bit of a confidence booster for me as I was able to help new Campers work through technical difficulties and common frustrations. I felt like “Gee, I’m actually starting to know what I’m talking about!” and that felt great. I really appreciate that Jessica has kept the same FB group for all of Pattern Camp instead of have separate groups for each class. This way there’s more a community and we’re all helping each other. I also learned a few new tips and tricks, which was a nice bonus. In short, the whole weekend made me feel energized and excited about pattern design.

Snowflake Trees

For this week’s pattern I’m returning to an old favorite, my little trees. I love love love doodling little triangles, filling them with all different manner of line work, and then coloring them in in Illustrator. I wanted to combine the simple aesthetic I’ve been trying to achieve over the last couple weeks, with the busier motifs in the trees. First I tried coloring them in, but I just wasn’t in love with the color palette, so then I decided color wasn’t really the issue, it was arrangement. I call these things trees because that’s what I’m thinking about when I draw them but really, they’re just triangles and they can do all sort of things. In fact, DB looked at them and said they had an art deco vibe which is something I hadn’t really thought of. So, instead of crazy colors, I went with outline only and a new arrangement, which I’ve dubbed snowflake trees. I’m pretty pleased with it, and it’s definitely a design that lends itself to lots of recoloring options. I’ll be getting test swatches of this one in the next few weeks as I get ready to launch a few of my patterns on Spoonflower.

Snowflake TreesI hope you’re all have a great, creative week!

2 thoughts on “52 Patterns in 2015: Week 6

    1. That’s awesome, Roberta. I was looking at your work on Instagram. Very prolific and I love all the different color ways you’re trying!

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