52 Patterns in 2015: Week 4

Hill and Mountain Week 4Hi there! I was doing a bit of traveling this past week and am one of those weirdos who doesn’t have a laptop and can’t work from the road so to speak. Anyway, here’s my latest pattern. You may notice a couple motifs from previous weeks turning up in this pattern. I’m thinking more and more about creating collections, so I’ll be drawing from a small family of motifs over the next couple weeks and experimenting with size, spacing, and color in order to make several cohesive patterns. This one was a bit of a journey that started because I’ve been experimenting with adding a bit of interest in the background. I’m a very tactile person and like to play with different textures and patterns in my more hands on work as well as my wardrobe so it was time to bring it to my digital work. I thought this week I would share several of the iterations this pattern went through before I settled on the final Hills and Mountains tile.

Week 4First I tried just mountains in a few different sizes, but I felt that the larger mountains weren’t quite fitting in so I tried them smaller.

Week 4
It was better, but I felt a little overwhelmed with all the white. So I took out the smaller row.

Week 4I like this version, it’s very reminiscent of the fair isle stripes I worked in Week 2 (it’s the same set of mountains), but it needed something more. DB suggested some sort of hill, so I pulled in the arch from last week, and went through a couple different placements.

Week 4

Week 4

And finally, here’s a 20″x20″ spread of the final result. I think this would look really interesting as part of a log cabin quilt or pillow cover. I’m planning on having it printed via Spoonflower and trying it out. I’ll let you all know when it’s available.
Week 4

Remember, you can follow along with me and other Pattern Campers on Instagram #52patterns2015
The next round of Pattern Camp is starting soon, and I’m sure we’ll be picking up a few more talented artists to join the pattern party. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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