The Roundup

It’s been a busy month so far! Hard to believe it’s almost over. Between pattern making, business building, product developing, I’m ready for a little break to stop and catch my breath. Fortunately, my birthday is next week and I’ll be taking a little breather before I get ready to take on some new projects in February. What have you been working on in these early weeks of 2015, and where do you hope it will lead?

Have you listened to the Being Boss podcast yet? It’s my new favorite.

Kathleen of Being Boss and Braid Creative talks about why she works out, a seriously motivational post.

The craftsmanship in this video is just amazing. It’s nice to really understand and appreciate everyday objects.

Tradlands, Appalatch, Archival Clothing, and Gamine Co. are having a HUGE Made in the USA giveaway!

Going on a trip this year? Take these travel security tips with you.

The daily routines of famous creatives.

Forget spring cleaning, here are some tips to declutter your home now!

Have a great weekend!

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