52 Patterns in 2015: Week 3

I tried to take things in a little bit of a different direction this week, so I changed up my color palette a bit. Usually when I’m developing a palette for these patterns, I draw from my own nature photography or turn to similar scenes on Pinterest, and over the last couple months have made a very earthy/woodland palette that favors blues and greens over pinks and purples. Then, I came across this Charles James gown, and I wanted to create something with the bright magenta and more regal maroon. I adjusted the colors a little, added a bit of blue to stay in line with my default palette and I’m happy with how these all play together. It has me thinking spring a little bit.
arches week 3
As for the arch motif, really liked this arch design by Cotton and Flax, but wanted to bring my own brand of line work and detail to the simple shape. So here it is, week 3, a mashup of old school glamour, and modern home decor, in a half drop repeat.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.54.20 AM
I’m also happy to announce that Cathrin Gessieker has joined in #52patterns2015, and I love her first design. Pink themes this week it looks like! Melissa Hourihan has also posted new designs this week, AND you can purchase them on Spoonflower. And if you’re thinking about joining the magical world of repeat patterns and surface pattern design, there’s still time to sign up for Pattern Camp with Jessica Swift.

Hope you all have a happy and creative week!

3 thoughts on “52 Patterns in 2015: Week 3

    1. Thank you so much, Erin! I love your work. I’ve had to take a little break from this project (day job is beating up me hard), but I hope to get back to it soon.

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