The Roundup

Good morning, friends! It’s been a cold week, and therefore a long week. On the other hand, we don’t live in Buffalo, so it could be worse. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away and then…Christmas. And then Cubby’s first birthday! What?!?! This has been a really quick year for us, but a really good year too. I hope yours has been the same, and that you have a great weekend.

It’s a pie season! Joy the Baker tells us how to nail that oh-so-tricky crust.

Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders talks success and making mistakes in fashion.

Brooklyn Tweed released another installment in their Wool People series. This cardigan is definitely in my queue.

Tradlands and Ana Knil are hosting an amazing giveaway for the yet unreleased Tradlands Sisikyou shirt and a beautiful necklace. Enter here!

Pecan praline sauce!

Have a great weekend, and stop by my etsy shop for a great deal on hats for all the lovely gals in your life.

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