The Zady Essentials Collection

ZADY essential collection
Last week in the Roundup I mentioned that Zady was launching an in house collection that was completely sourced in the US. I mean literally from sheep to sweater. As a knitter, this concept is familiar to me, but I don’t think the average consumer ever really considers where there clothes come from and what they go through to become clothes. I really applaud Zady on making their entire supply chain transparent for this collection. From the sheep at Imperial Stock Ranch in Shaniko, OR (seriously such great yarn. I wore a hat I made with one of their yarns yesterday, so cozy!) to the washing in Jamestown, SC, to the mill in Pennsylvania where the cleaned fibers become yarn, and finally the factory in California where the yarns are knit into fabric and constructed into these gorgeous sweaters.

Full disclosure, I’m (obviously) a huge fiber nerd so I really geek out on this stuff, and I get that you might not find it quite so gripping, but stay with me a minute here. I think we often forget that our clothes come form somewhere. Maybe we think that clothing manufacturing is automated by robots or something? Rana Plaza is too far away for us to really consider and the Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy too far into our history that we struggle to remember. Watching the fibers go through this journey helps us understand just how much work, how many hands, how many places our clothes have to go to get to us. Just as we are interested in farm to table for the things we put in our bodies, I think we should also stop for a minute and think about how sheep’s wool becomes sweaters and cotton crops become t-shirts and jeans.

Photo via Zady. This sweater is available for women in 3 colors, and is $25 off when you sign up for Zady’s newsletter which contains a lot more fiber and clothing geekery. Zady also didn’t ask or even know about this post. I just support what they’re doing and I hope you will too.

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