The Roundup

Can't take us anywhere #wearefamily2014 #usnavy
It’s been a busy couple of week around here. Traveling, coming home, cleaning up the mess left in the wake of travel, and then getting ready to travel again. In the meantime, Cubby has sprouted 2 new teeth and started WALKING. The Bear has become more articulate about pretty much everything, which means we understand him better, him and all of his opinions about everything. On the other hand, he says hilarious things, sings and laughs all the time, and is really only giving us a hard time about learning how to use a potty. So really, I can’t complain about my little bears or anything else really. Life is good, we are home, and the weekend is here!

Oh and we were part of a little collage on the Design Sponge Instagram this week. #wearefamily2014 is a hashtag conceived by Design Sponge and Bright Bazaar as a way of celebrating families of all shapes and sizes. Hashtag your Instagram photos and they’ll be added to the We are Family Tumblr page. It’s a beautiful celebration of love, which is so needed this time of year.

“Becoming a mother doesn’t change you so much as violently refurbish you, even though you’re still the same underneath it all.” This article in the NY Times really hits the nail on the head about modern motherhood.

If you’re thinking about minimalism, you should check out Into Mind. This post is a great primer on living in minimalist lifestyle, which isn’t about getting rid of all your things and moving to a tiny house, but instead surrounding yourself with useful things and thriving wherever you’ve planted yourself.

I love pretzel everything. So I’ll have these for breakfast, and these for dinner.

I’m really excited to see Zady’s Essential Collection. They sourced wool from the Imperial Stock Ranch. Having knit with yarns from these guys, I can tell you they’re a wooly dream. Zady is sharing the whole process from sheep to sweater, and it’s a great way to learn about what clothes go through to get to you. I hope you’ll check it out.

Speaking of wool, Appalatch’s post about the many reasons to love wool, is full of warmth and useful facts.

I’ll be back next week with some travel, outfits, and maybe even a gift guide. Have a great weekend!

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