The Roundup

Happy Halloween, everyone! I can’t believe October is over, it’s been a total whirlwind month around here. The Cub is 10 months old today! He’s taking steps on his own! He’s a total stealth toddler. I also waited until the absolute last minute to buy candy for tonight, so the kids are getting Christmas candy, but they won’t care. I’m sure it’s fresher anyway. The Bear insisted that he wanted to be a purple bear for Halloween, but then DB took him to the store and he’s decided to be a skeleton instead. Last year he refused to put a costume on. Here’s hoping he fares better tonight. Hope you’re all ready to enjoy a fun night and lovely fall weekend!

Design Sponge featured a Best of Eerie Rooms this week. I love all the stark black and white of these spaces.

I love the quirkiness of this Forestbound Tote.

Maker’s Market is a new online shop dedicated to bringing you awesome American handmade goods. There’s also a giveaway over on SF Girl By Bay.

Loving this feature on Zady about packing for trips from long ago to today. How far we’ve come.

Don’t panic, but there’s a giant sunspot that’s acting weird. Also if you look at the picture, I’m pretty sure the crack in the universe from Dr. Who is a little bit above the spot.

One more for your Halloween, Alice Cooper and the Muppets.

Have a spooky day!

xo, S.

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