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Boyfriend Plaid :: Nash and Russo
Earlier in the year when I was going through Wardrobe Architect, I talked a little bit about the times when I had too many clothes, but basically wore the same uniform everyday. I’m a uniform girl through and through. My love for this type of dressing far predates my time in the military. For fall this outfit, is totally my uniform: dark skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, and comfortable sneakers. It’s the sort of outfit that can withstand running around the playground and getting doused in baby food and grit, but is also presentable to the rest of the world in a way that yoga pants just aren’t.
Boyfriend Plaid :: Nash and Russo
I like this style of shirt, the boyfriend fit, because it’s relaxed, but not too baggy. I still have a shape and am not overwhelmed by the fabric or pattern. I think Penfield really nails this type of style, where other brands make the shirts far too big and baggy that they’re just not flattering. I think if you’re going for more of a relaxed fit with clothes, you really need to try things on and make sure that you’re not getting flattened out by anything.

I’m also a big fan of cuffing my jeans It adds a bit of a retro vibe without looking like a ’50s greaser. I’ve learned that I need to do a skinnier cuff instead of something thick, which can create a weird line on my legs and make me look kind of short and stubby. That’s probably the theme of this whole outfit, finding silhouettes that are comfortable, but don’t overwhelm my body or give it unflattering lines. I think it’s an issue for everyone. There’s no single body type that truly looks good in everything. How do you conquer this problem?
Boyfriend Plaid :: Nash and Russo

Glasses – Warby Parker, Top – Penfield (similar), Tank – American Apparel, Jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Vans (similar)
Boyfriend Plaid :: Nash and Russo
Boyfriend Plaid :: Nash and Russo

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