Some lessons from Joan

 (Image: Crave Online)
As a mom of two wee ones, I don’t get a whole lot of time that is just mine. I have a lot of split time, or little pockets where I get a moment to relax, but it’s always fleeting. One thing I’ve always done though, has been to sit down at 2100  on a Friday night with a  glass of red wine and watch Fashion Police on E! This has been my weekly indulgence, my me time, my time to see beautiful clothes and sartorial details, and laugh hysterically at Joan Rivers’ jabs and japes at celebrity and fashion and the bizarre intersection of the two. I loved this time and looked forward to it every Friday evening after putting the kids to bed. So you can imagine how saddened I was to first hear that Joan was ill and then later that she passed.

I realize that Joan Rivers can be a polarizing figure. She spoke her mind, and people don’t always like that or agree with it or think it’s funny. Detractors have criticized her for being a bitter old bat who had had one too many plastic surgeries and didn’t know piss from shit, but for someone who spent 50 years in show business, I think she knew quite a bit and had a few things to teach us all.  To me, she was an incredible woman. A woman who forged a career in a field where so few women existed let alone succeeded. She worked hard, achieved success, was knocked down to nothing, worked harder, had more success. She showed us that life is not simple or easy or always wonderful, but that it is funny and we should never be above laughing about it.We should find the humor in even the worst tragedies, because it’s there and it’s something that will help us through. I loved her for that. Out of everyone she made fun of, she made the most fun of herself. Celebrities would get up in arms about her comments on their terrible red carpet choices (be they dresses or dates), and there she sat making fun of her plastic surgeries and Botox injections, and failures as  mother and laughing.  She showed us that it’s ok to have flaws, it’s ok to cover them up too, and it’s ok to make mistakes and be who you are, and to share all that with the world. It’s a very scary and vulnerable thing to do, but it seems that that was the way she lived.

She was a strong, opinionated lady in times when it’s still not OK to be so. I admire her bravery, and the fabulous life she built for herself. I admire her for working so hard for so long, for showing women that it’s ok to work hard, to have your hand in different things, to fail and get back up. From everything I’ve read about Joan, her purpose in life whether she was hawking costume jewelry on QVC, tearing apart a bad dress of E!, or dealing with hecklers at an Indian casino gig, was to make people laugh. She made me laugh every week, and for that I will miss her. Thank you, Joan, thank you and goodnight.

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