Just keep going…

Getting there...July 2014

When I first started my fitness journey back in January, I’d always intended so share my progress here on a regular basis. So that I could look and say, “Look at how great I am! Look at all this progress I’m making!”, but let’s be honest, getting into shape is never that easy. It’s rarely a neat linear progression. It’s usually a winding path of moving forward, then back a bit, holding steady for a while, and then forward again. It’s a push pull. It’s results aren’t always easy to see because they happen from the inside out. So instead of talking about all things I’ve been doing these last couple months and saying it’s been easy and wonderful, I’m going to talk about what I have done and what I have still yet to do with this perfectly imperfect vessel I’ve been given to do it in.

Today, I’m just going to go ahead and talk about this body of mine. Right now, it’s a work in progress. It’s a fight between my brain and willpower to grow my physical strength and evict all those fat cells that have taken up residence all over the place. It’s a struggle. It’s frustrating and annoying that no matter how great I feel after a workout, or how many vegetables I eat, the transformation just never happens as quickly as I want it. And sure, it would be easy to just give up and hate my body and feel bad about myself and wear shitty clothes and be done with it. But when I look at this body, I have to tell you, it might not be looking it’s best, but it’s pretty impressive. In the last 5 years I’ve taken this body through Navy bootcamp. It went from having never set foot into a gym, to running and doing pushups and squeezing out extra crunches well after I thought my abs would seize up and never move again. It’s been pregnant 2 1/4 times (we lost one along the way), and delivered two big healthy babies.  It’s bouldered up sheer ridges in Hawaii, hiked through the Pacific Northwest, and pushed strollers hundreds of miles. It’s gained weight, and the lost it, and then gained it again.

It’s stronger than I ever could have imagined it to be.

I have so much more work I want to do on it. I can be stronger, faster, better. Whenever I lose faith I think about a time 5 years ago, having never worked out in my life, in a gym for the first time ever, trying to run and hearing the calm, quiet voice of my drill instructor saying, “Just keep running, just keep running. Your legs will feel like they weigh a hundred pounds, and your chest will be on fire, but just keep running.”

So I did, and so I will.
Progress week 1 #latergram #mysweatsmellslikekaleJanuary 2014

2 thoughts on “Just keep going…

  1. Talking about things that keep you going while running… Here are some that go through my head Constantly while out there pounding the pavement.

    “your mind is the motor your feet are the pedals”

    You just gotta keep your mental game up! Also, “every mile melts away.” and “X distance , it’s nothing!”

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