The Roundup


Another week gone by and a new one about the begin. This week we’ll see the end of July as well as the Cub’s 7 month anniversary of being alive. That went quick. We also have been arms deep in rearranging, refinishing, and general reorganizing our house. We’re trying so hard to adopt more minimalism in some aspects of our home so that we’re only wading through stuff instead of drowning in it. I’d say at the moment we’re comfortably treading water, but have a long way to go. How was your weekend?

In conjunction with the article I posted last week about using gray water, here’s a great/somewhat terrifying article about the wasteful and unhealthy evolution of the modern bathroom.

We are inundated with beets from our CSA on the last 2 weeks, so I think we’re going to give this roasted beet pasta a spin. Have you guys tried anything like this? Any ideas for what else to do with beets.

I usually make our doormats, this sold out West Elm one is my new inspiration.

As a mom who is transitioning into a work at home mom (which is way different from a stay at home mom), I really appreciated reading this article and this one shared via Tracy Shutterbean a couple days ago.

Also this post about being good enough was just what I needed to hear.

DB hates this style of shorts, but I’m totally going to make a pair anyway.

Absolutely loving this minimalist style blog, discovered through the Coletterie last week.

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