A Little Happiness

A while ago (ok, like well over a year ago), my friend Kaylin, who has a really lovely blog filled with photography and exotic travel adventures, came up with an idea of making a good, old-fashioned zine. A zine that hearkened back to our middle/high school days, a collaboration of hand drawn illustrations expounding on a central theme. Kaylin picked the theme, put a small notebook together with some guidelines, and organized the addresses. Each recipient would receive the packet, have a couple days to illustrate the theme (which was a secret until you received the package) and then pack it all back up and send it along to the next gal on the list. Of course, trying to do something like this with a bunch of adults who live in at least 4 different states proved difficult. There were often Facebook chats as to who had the zine, was it lost in someone’s recent move, did it make it to the next person, did that person change addresses and not let the coordinator know? On and on until it became clear a couple months ago that the zine is having its own adventure likely somewhere in the bowels of a US Post Office or maybe the junk drawer of someone who just forgot all about it. Alas!

Since it doesn’t seem like the zine is going to resurface any time soon (I’m still holding out hope), I wanted to take a minute and share my contribution. I snapped these with my iPhone before I sent if off to the next lady in line. The theme was happiness, and I decided to expound on that with some of my favorite quotes about my favorite activities.
IMG_3569 I’ve always been a fan of this John Muir quote. Hiking and exploring are favorite family activities. We loved and sorely miss living in the Pacific Northwest where we had easy access to so much beautiful wilderness. I can’t wait to start taking the little Bears camping. (Also: TARDIS)

IMG_3568Did you know that every episode of the French Chef is available for free on Amazon Prime? I often watch at night while knitting.

IMG_3572Fair winds and following seas is an old Navy adage. Written here in nautical flags.



2 thoughts on “A Little Happiness

  1. This is so great!! I am so glad you took pictures, they are so so so lovely. It never occurred to me that the zine would “end” this way so I never took pictures! It has been a good lesson in impermanence for me. I get a little sad when I think of this good ol zine. I still have faith it will reemerge somewhere. I’m debating restarting it but with a different organizational format. It was such a fun thing!!

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