The Roundup

Untitled I can’t tell you how happy I am to report that we don’t have the AC on right now because it’s not horrifically muggy outside. I was actually comfortable sleeping last night, and I think the Bear was too since I didn’t hear him stir until at least an hour after his normal wake up time. Sweet relief, at least for a couple days. We’re trying to pack in outside time as much as we can before we get stuck indoors for the heat wave next week. What are you up to this weekend?

Who wouldn’t want to bust a move with Christopher Walken?

I first saw this link over on the Tradlands blog, a concise and thoughtful post about feminism in 2014 by Tomboy Style.

Speaking of feminists, here’s a lovely profile on Liv Tyler. The photos alone are amazing.

Colette Patterns released the latest design for their knits collection: Mrytle! You can get the pattern for 15% off if you order today! As a huge sucker for any sort of cowl/draped neck I’m really excited for this one. You can use both knits and wovens!

This article about recycling your gray water has made me a lot more mindful about our water consumption around here.

Famous paintings rendered in Lego. This is relevant to my interests.

I love love love all the grays happening in these small space bedrooms.

Have a great day!
xo, S.

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