An Alternative Consumer Experience

Trudy, the one woman show behind Poppy von Frohlich, posted this photo and caption on Instagram the other day, and I think she really hit the nail on the head when it comes to choosing to buy American made clothing (and also for missing living on the West Coast), especially from smaller brands. You’re getting something that is designed for a lifestyle, not a trend. It’s clothing with a story,  something unique, made by people who are enabled to take the time to pay attention to detail and produce clothing that is both special but made to last for years. This is why I do my best to seek and buy from brands like Poppy von Frohlich, and encourage all of you to do the same. Just as we put big stock into where are food is coming from, I think it’s just as important to think about what we’re putting on our bodies as well.

Now, I know that shopping this way can be pricey, and it’s certainly not practical for everyone. However, if you do a little label checking you’ll find made in the USA apparel at a variety of price points (for instance, Everlane make their T-shirts in LA and they cost about $15). Even so, shopping this way is a more careful and considered way of consuming. I take my time and really consider each piece I buy and how it will fit into my wardrobe. In the long run, I’m actually spending less money because I’m only buying a few pieces, instead of hauling home bags and bags from Old Navy filled with pieces that won’t hold up and I’ll have to keep replacing. These are lessons I certainly learned the hard way. What do you think? Do you take the time to check labels or seek out American brands from time to time? If not, I really hope you’ll start. It doesn’t have to mean throwing everything out and starting from scratch, but adding and replacing your clothes with American made apparel little by little. This alternative consumer experience is really fantastic.

PS. All the pieces in the photo are currently available in limited sizes on the PvF website. Snag yours now before they’re gone forever. You can follow Trudy on Instagram @poppyvonfrohlich where she shares her design process and you can get a heads up on pre-orders.

PPS.  Everything in my etsy shop is 30% until Thursday with code JULY30

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