Walking Around: M Street, Georgetown, DC

One of the nice things about living back on the East Coast is that we’re close enough for family to pop down for quick visits, which was the case a few weeks ago with my mom. DB was kind enough to have a boy day with the Bears and Mom and I headed into DC for some shopping and a little luxury at the Four Seasons in Georgetown. M Street is the main drag of the Georgetown neighborhood. It’s lined with charming old buildings that are filled with not so charming major retail chains. Alas, M Street is much like going to a really nice looking outdoor mall. This is not altogether a bad thing, it’s still a great place to walk around, and there are some gems, like a very well-stocked Buffalo Exchange and plenty of places to eat. If you have the time, venture off M Street and take in all the great architecture and charm that Georgetown has to offer. Also, get brunch at the Four Seasons. It’s pretty incredible.

DB hates pancakes, so getting them for breakfast is heaven to me.


I’m pretty sure this is no longer a hardware store.

I love green doors.

I did get a little something from Madewell. Also, comfortable shoes are a must for the brick paved streets.

This bathroom is as big as my living room.

The Four Seasons is so classy, you can hang out with the Marquis de Lafayette and chat with important people all from the convenience of your toilet room.
AfterlightThese photos were all taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCOCam and Afterlight.


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