UntitledHello and welcome to my next chapter! When I started Plaid Skirt a couple years ago, I was using it primarily as a vehicle for me to document and share my life as a new mom and wife living 3000 miles away from everything familiar to me. I never really saw myself becoming a stay at home parent, and I needed a way to show that I was still doing interesting and fulfilling things in my life, even if I was the only person reading them. As the years have past, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the next steps are for me. Will I go back to work? Is that even possible when we move every 3 years? Will I continue to stay at home? What is that going to look like? I started to get the wheels turning when I launched my Etsy shop last year, but that was really only a first step. Now that our family is complete, I have a better idea of the direction I want to be moving in, and so I’ve moved myself to this new space and new name. I imported everything from my last blog, and another one before that, so now I have my archive reaching all the way back to 2007.

When I started Plaid Skirt, I liked the name, but I really wanted to name if Plaid Shirt, as that was (and still is) the primary staple of my wardrobe, but across the board the name was already taken, so I needed to look elsewhere. I wanted a name that I could grow with. Nash is my married name, the name I inherited when DB and I became a partnership, and Russo is the family name of my paternal grandmother who spent years as a garment maker. This name is more personal and more in line with my brand and how I envision it’s future. Nash and Russo as a blog is going to continue to be a place where I document my making, baking, and life adventures, albeit with a lot more frequency than in the past. It’s also going to be a place where you can come and find out more about slow fashion and American made goods, movements that have become increasingly important to me over the years. It’s also a brand, dedicated to impeccably crafted accessories. I’m in the planning and development stages of several new products that I hope you will enjoy as much as I’m enjoying creating them.

There’s a lot of change in store, thank you so much for joining me on this ride.

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